Recognize a DSP for OACB's 'DSP of the Year' Award

April 03, 2024

Written By:
Tim Balkovec

It’s easy for the remarkable efforts of employees to slip under the radar. Yet, it’s these very individuals who often drive the success and culture of an organization. Recognizing their dedication and achievements not only boosts morale but also cultivates a culture of appreciation and motivation. 

OACB(Ohio Association of County Boards) offers an award for DSP of year and the award winner will be recognized at OACB's Annual Awards Reception. Nominations should include specific examples of going above and beyond for the people they serve. Here are some ways to explain why a DSP is deserving of the award:

• Specific actions the DSP took to open new opportunities for a person served;
• Quick thinking that helped in a person or people served stay safe; or
• Personal advocacy for a person served in an important or difficult situation to ensure that person's needs were met.

Nominees of all experiences will be considered. Please contact  Lana Beddoes at or (614) 431-0616 to learn more.

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