Provider Interviews

Hear from our Provider customers on their experiences with Brittco.  These are short videos with "chapters" to help you pick and choose the sections of most interest to you.  Click on the video to play.

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Provider Interviews

Hear from our Provider customers on their experiences with Brittco.  These are short videos with "chapters" to help you pick and choose the sections of most interest to you.  Click on the video to play.

Empowered Community Services

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Joe Kowalski, CEO, Empowered Community Services
What the scope of your company?
So we provide day service and non-medical transportation in currently nine counties, mostly southwest Ohio, and we're serving about 225 folks a day right now.
How long have you been using Brittco?
We started the agency in 2018 and we basically shopped around, kind of looked at what our options were for a documentation system and interviewed a couple of companies and with Brittco from the start. So from our first day of service, November 1st, 2018, to now, we've been Brittco all the way.

How challenging was it to get your staff to adapt?
One of the reasons why we chose Brittco, being that it's web based and being that it's very intuitive, the modules that they need to use on a daily basis, whether that's our DSPs or our branches, everybody has really taken to it very well. And the ease of use is great, tablet, cell phone, or for our management who are using a laptop device, it's worked out fantastic.
Describe a key benefit
When we looked at what all Brittco could do for us, compared to the cost of other systems that really didn't do as much or had some other obstacles in terms of implementing licenses and software and all of that, Brittco is far and away better and on a cost basis was fantastic for us.
The other thing I really like about it is, it allows us to be essentially paperless. We have so little paper in the building because everything from our attendance, our transportation, whether that's pre-trip inspections or the daily documentation with trips and mileages, UIs, MUIs, and all of our billing is all in one. So that's a great feature, we're not having to go to multiple systems or programs and trying to integrate things, it's all there.
And for the billing, which is really key for us, we were a startup agency and that revenue cycle was really important, I have been able to for the last four years essentially complete all the billing myself. I not really want to brag about that, but it is simple enough and straightforward enough that even having six centers serving well over 200 people a day, it is still something that one or two people with the right checks can complete all the billing, and that for us was really important to have that confidence that we knew we could bill every week, we knew the data would be there, and that process has been really smooth.
What has your experience been with Brittco Support?
There are a ton of tools online, so anytime that we onboard a new DSP staff, we're doing... So our DSPs now don't have to go, some choose to go to in-person classes, but everything can be done within the Brittco system, which is great. For our managers as they're going through processes and learning the functionality, there are so many videos inside the system that you could just go and watch a quick video. You could search for those, a key word or a phrase or a function, it comes up, you can watch the video, and then you're a click away from getting into a chat box with a technician, it's a really quick turnaround and response time.
And if we've ever come up with, this may be on something like reports, if we wanted to see a report look a certain way or we had something that was unique to our business that we had a reasonable ask to Brittco to maybe switch something around or tweak something a bit to suit our individual needs or agency needs, they've been quick to do that too. So training, support and some degree of customization has been really fluid.

Walk of Joy

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Jessica Watanabe, Director of Administration, Walk of Joy
Who is Walk of Joy?
Walk of Joy is a provider agency primarily in Hamilton County. We provide residential supports, day program, employment supports. We also have an agency in Joy that does consulting and training for agencies. We established our organization in June of 2008.
Why Brittco?
We started using Brittco in early 2020. We had looked at other electronic documentation programs. We previously, actually, spoke with Scott about Brittco, and during that time when we were all at home, we dug in a little bit more. We wanted to be more efficient and effective with our documentation so that we could deliver more effective and efficient services to the people we serve. We definitely had to reach them at home to support them and also to provide what DSPs needed to ensure that their needs were met and we were compliant.
The Onboarding process
Taking all of your data from paper, which is what we were using before, and uploading that into an electronic documentation system is quite an undertaking. Brittco was able to teach and train us along the way to ensure that we were able to do that efficiently, and then offer the training and support to everyone in our organization.
We rolled it out in different sessions. So, we started our first quarter with looking at uploading all the information and beginning the tracking of our time and mileage. We used both the HPC entry, home and personal care, as well as the time clock. We got very efficient at that. We used a lot of Zoom training time with each of the sites, and we also used that time as house meetings and support during the pandemic.
After rolling out each section, we offered ongoing support, one-on-one, or in-group settings so that people could execute the efficiency and reliability of that program. We, then, also trained our administrative staff on how to oversee that, run reports, utilize that more and more along the way. We were very happy with that transition, and actually offer support to other agencies that are considering switching to Brittco, as well as we recommend Brittco to agencies that we do consultation with.
And we definitely wanted to introduce Lori Corness, who is a DSP for our agency who's been with us for quite some time. So, with that, I'm going to let Lori share her story with you.
Lori Corness, DSP, Walk of Joy
DSP Lorri resisting change
I've always just been a caregiver. I hated computers, hated technology. When we were first told that we would have to do this, I'm like, "Oh, no." We started off taking classes. I wasn't too sure about the classes. I missed some classes, and then I got thrown in around, I guess, '19. 2019 is when we started, because I had skipped out on the classes. I didn't want to know it. I thought that I would be able to get around it and continue doing it on paper. I got away with that for a while, logging everything on paper, and then it was just cut short all of a sudden in probably about 2020, '21 maybe.
Finding out it’s not so bad
And I couldn't get away with it anymore, so I had to absolutely get on Brittco, learn it, call and ask questions to any and everybody in the organization, and I got the basics of it. And it wasn't so bad. It was actually better.
Discussing the benefits of Brittco
We had the laptop right there on site. We could communicate with messages to each other. Our time wasn't lost or misplaced. It was right there in the system. Now, I'm able to check so much. I can run reports. I've learned a lot, and I'm still learning. And every day I learn more about Brittco, and I'm like, "Wow." We can learn the client's schedules, meetings, if they have upcoming appointments or doctor's appointments, whatnot, and I just absolutely love it. It's just an easy, quick way to do everything besides communicating with everybody and having to call on people that's busy.
The ease of learning Brittco
I can just figure it out for myself, and some things I have figured out for myself by just playing with it. You can just play with it and almost figure out anything you need to figure out about the client, about what their needs are. I love how their plan is on there. Instead of reading the thick packet, it's right on there. You can just go to whatever you want to go to instead of going through the papers.
Wouldn’t change it for anything
My experience was I thought I would hate it. I ran from it. I didn't think it was something for me. I even thought I would lose my job over it because I just wanted to be a caregiver, and I've absolutely become a big fan of it. So, I wouldn't change it for anything.

Stepping Stones

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Patrick Ober, Director of Programs & Operations, Stepping Stones
Lisa Stephens, Adult Day Director, Stepping Stones
Who is Stepping Stones?
So Stepping Stones is a nonprofit organization located here in Cincinnati that provides services and programs for individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages.
Who is the scope of your agency?
We have an adult day program that serves approximately 97 individuals across three locations, one in Norwood, one on the west side of Cincinnati, and one out in Batavia. We have a recreation and leisure program that offers summer camps, overnight weekend in summer camps, as well as Saturday clubs. That is at our given location in Indian Hill as well as our Camp Allen location out in Batavia. We also have an education program that serves individuals with autism and behavioral issues that is located at our given location in Indian Hill.
How long have you been using Brittco?
We've been using Brittco for about seven years. It originally started with one of the adult day programs that we merged with. So they started working on it and then when we merged, that's how I believe we found Brittco.
What was the impetus to move from paper to Brittco?
From what I understand, they were using all paper documentation and space was a big issue as far as where to put all the binders of paper. Ease was another one that they looked into the Brittco for just because it was easier than all the writing that had to happen and reading of handwriting. They wanted more detail and the paper documentation really didn't have that. We are loving it.
What are some benefits using Brittco?
We can find everything we need in one place. We can not only do documentation, but read the My Plans, do all our incident reports. And for us managers, the reports and tracking of attendance and I'm sure billing, Teresa, and just reports of even just reaching the goals that we need to reach with our guys.
Yeah, it also helps us, the fact that we have multiple locations and also are able to use this system for multiple programs or adult day program in addition to our rec and leisure program where we have participants that go to both, they'll be in our adult programs during the week and then will be at our overnight camps from Friday to Sunday. So having one centralized place where wherever we are or whatever participant we need the information on, we can access that quickly and easily and everything is centralized so that we're aware of the progress and goals for individuals, the MUIs and UIs that would happen across programs and across locations. We just have one place that we can maintain all of that information. Much, much better than the paper documentation, Excel sheets, and trying to search through those things depending on where you were or what computer you were on.
A favorite feature…ISP sign-offs
And even the sign-offs for My Plans, it's nice that we have the ability to read and agree and we can track that. It's been incredible. I will say that when I've reached out personally, I get a response within the same day or the next day. It's really never been an issue for myself or our compliance. When we do have a question or even a request, I do know support really tries hard to help us any way they can.
Trust in Brittco to stay current with state rules
I'll also add that I think it's been incredibly beneficial for us that Brittco as a system is trying to stay as aligned as it can with the state waiver rules and training requirements. It's been very helpful for us to know that Brittco is staying up to date and that the information we need, what we need to document on, if there's trainings that our staff need to take care of, we know that Brittco is a reliable place for us to make sure that that information is taken by us in that we have something we can trust.

Solid Rock On Which We Stand

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Hi, my name  is Tiffany Smetana. I'm the owner and CEO of Solid Rock On Which We Stand. We're a medium-sized agency in Geauga County, serving adults with special needs. We offer services in our day program. We also offer non-medical transportation services to individuals who work in the community or need various transport to locations where they go. We also have payee services where we help manage individuals' funds and social security benefits, and we provide community employment services, job coaching supports as well. We currently serve about 30 individuals in our agency.

We've been using Brittco for over six years now.

Before Brittco, all of our documentation was done through paper. So all of our MARs data and goal collections, transportation logs, UIRs, everything was done through paper. It became just a growing pain for us. It became really cumbersome given the number of individuals that we were serving. And so, we were looking for a software that really streamlined our processes, allowed the staff to get in and get the important documentation done, but then spend more time with the individuals and really focus on their care.

The staff overall really embraced the software when we introduced it. There were some pain points that were a little bit resistant to it, who might not be as tech-savvy. But what we found is, especially those staff, once we presented them and trained them and how to use the system, found it very easy and found that it really made their life at work and following through on their responsibilities pretty painless.

One of the biggest values that Brittco has given to us is the staff timekeeping. So this really allows our staff to be held accountable to the comings and goings, especially when there were night staff and they needed to be awake at a certain time. Knowing that they truly were awake to serve the individual's needs, not only gave us peace of mind, but the guardians of the individuals that we served peace of mind. And then, from an administrative standpoint, being able to flow that electronic timekeeping into really easily designed payroll reports on our payroll. And it is just shaved hours and hours every week off of our payroll process. And again, the entire streamlining process that Brittco offers us and the time that's saved allows all of us to then be able to spend more time focusing on our mission, on delivering excellent service to our clients, and also building strong relationships with our staff, which is equally important.

Brittco's support is really a wonderful team. They are extremely responsive to our requests. They'll email back right away. They listen to our feedback and help build and design the software and evolve it over the years to be even better. And they're very patient with us. So during different learning curves, they'll even set up Zooms with us and help us walk through and troubleshoot what we may not be understanding or any things that need to be tweaked and ironed out. It's been really helpful.

Community Connections

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My name is Robin Bacola. I'm the executive director here at Community Connections Northeast Ohio.

We actually provide all services from supported employment to vocational, adult day, non-medical transportation. Really the only service we don't provide is going to be residential. We do do shared living, but we do not provide residential. Other than that, we provide all the other services available. We serve in total about 130 individuals. We have been using Brittco since March of 2015. We opened in March of 2015. I had attended a conference prior to our opening date and it was recommended to me. So I came back and immediately contacted Brittco and set it up. So it was with us since as soon as we opened. I didn't want to have to bring another system in. I wanted a system to start with. And we have remained with Brittco the entire time.

Staff say that once they actually are using it, it's very simple for them. It's just click and add the information we need, and the nice part is, then it's there.

Absolutely number one is going to be the incident reporting. It's all electronic. Once the incident is reported, we can then send it to Guardians, we can send it to residential and we certainly can get it out there to the SSA and the MUI department if necessary. So that's one huge thing we really like about Brittco. The other thing that we like is just the data import. We are able to get that information in, able to monitor our goals, our outcomes. So those are probably two of the biggest things that we like. We also like actually the fact that we can add pictures. And so when the staff come in, they can see the picture of the person and that we have that little kind of sidebar where we can put the most important information. And without that, I don't know that I could have built the program that I have and the system of record keeping that we have. So that's a big one. When I reach out to Brittco now, I get a response that very day.

My name is Paula Taylor. I'm the director of Adult Day Programming. When I first started here, I had no computer, nothing. I didn't... Nothing. But once I started working with Brittco, it was easy and I fell in love with it. Like Robin said, when I have to submit a ticket in for any problems, I get an answer immediately. So that's really nice.

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