Daily Documentation

Maintaining compliance with all the required documentation each and every day for all of your clients can be daunting. Brittco’s Daily Documentation delivers a comprehensive documentation solution for Outcomes & Experiences, Services & Supports, Behaviors, Medications (eMARS), and much more. But we recognize the importance of keeping it simple, so whether you are using paper or another software, it is a very short learning curve for your staff to become comfortable completing their daily documentation using Brittco.


About Our Offering


Outcomes & Experiences

Outcomes & Experiences can be automatically imported from Brittco OhioISPs, eliminating all data entry and set up.



Detailed documentation on the disbursement of medications can be entered, including times, who disbursed, narcotic counts, and narratives when necessary. And you can also keep track of measurements such as insulin levels, blood pressure, body temperature, etc.



Transportation reports include route times and mileage, client and staff per route, vehicles per route, and vehicle inspections.

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