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Maintaining compliance with all the required documentation each and every day for all of your clients can be daunting. Brittco’s Daily Documentation delivers a comprehensive documentation solution for Outcomes & Experiences, Services & Supports, Behaviors, Medications (eMARS), and much more.

Our software allows outcomes, experiences, and supports to be transferred from the County Board OhioISP to the Daily Documentation platform with just a click of a button, reducing duplicate data entry and ensuring accuracy. 

But we recognize the importance of keeping it simple, so whether you are using paper or another software, it is a very short learning curve for your staff to become comfortable completing their daily documentation using Brittco.

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Brittco Software for Daily Documentation: Streamline Your Documentation Workflow 

When it comes to supporting the developmentally disabled community in Ohio, daily documentation is crucial to the achievement of individual service plan (ISP) outcomes and goals. The ISP is a personalized roadmap to success for people with disabilities. These plans outline specific outcomes and experiences that — when achieved — significantly improve their quality of life.  

Accurate and efficient tracking and documentation requirements of these outcomes are vital for monitoring progress and adjusting care plans in actual time, ensuring that individuals receive the support they need when they need it. Daily documentation is essential to efficient and timely updates, ensuring that individuals receive more focused and customized care from an agency or independent provider. 

Recognizing the critical role of daily documentation in the OhioISP, Brittco has developed a state-of-the-art solution to streamline daily documentation tasks for the direct support professional. Our software is purpose-built to address the unique needs of intermediate care facilities (ICFs), provider agencies, independent care providers, and County Boards that support the developmentally disabled community in Ohio. 

The process of daily documentation can often be time-consuming and tedious. Care aspects can range from residential and day services to non-medical transportation records, employment opportunities, and drop-in support. Agencies and care providers frequently grapple with paper documentation at worst, to cut-and-paste methods, manual data entry, and Excel spreadsheets that are prone to errors. Brittco’s software for daily documentation helps address these challenges head-on by offering a user-friendly, efficient, and secure solution. 

Our Brittco software significantly reduces the time spent on documentation tasks. Our intuitive platform streamlines the service documentation process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters — providing exceptional care to individuals with disabilities. Our software design is also user-friendly. Tasks that previously required a steep learning curve can now be mastered in just a few minutes, which means less time spent on training, more time with individuals, and a devotion to delivering high-quality care. 

Benefits of Daily Documentation Software 

Brittco's software helps improve the documentation workflow for agencies, independent providers, and Ohio County Boards. It offers several benefits that make it an indispensable tool for supporting individuals with disabilities in Ohio. 

Features of Brittco Software for Daily Documentation 

Our daily documentation software comes in a single, feature-packed solution that makes it ideal for streamlining your documentation workflow. Including the following: 


Document Creation and Management 

Our software makes it easy to create, store, and retrieve documents. With an intuitive design and simple options for notes and comments, you can quickly document and access information when needed. 

  • Simple User Interface: We understand the need for a user-friendly interface. Brittco software’s interface design is straightforward and intuitive, ensuring that documenting tasks can be learned by anyone in just a few minutes. 

  • Dashboard for Quick View of Daily Progress: Stay on top of daily progress effortlessly with our dashboard feature. It provides a clear, concise overview of critical information, enabling you to monitor the status of outcomes and supports at a glance. 

  • Comprehensive List of Documentation Types: The Brittco software platform covers an extensive list of service types for detailed documentation, including Outcomes, Supports, Measurements, Medications, Progress Notes, and more. This range helps ensure you meet all documentation needs within a single, integrated system. 

Collaboration Tools 

To enable collaboration among providers of all services, including Dayhab, Vochab, employment, homemaker personal care, shared living, remote monitoring , etc., and external stakeholders, Brittco software for daily documentation offers several collaboration tools. 

  • Real-Time Editing and Commenting: Communication is vital in daily documentation. With our real-time editing and commenting features, a direct support professional and the management team can work together seamlessly, providing context and updates as needed. Simple notes and success buttons make the process even more user-friendly. 

  • Team Communication and Notifications: We facilitate cross-shift communication, ensuring that direct support professionals (DSPs) can easily see what previous DSP shifts have documented. This level of transparency and communication promotes continuity of care and accountability. 

Integration Capabilities 

  • Integration With the OhioISP: We understand the importance of seamless data transfer between your daily documentation and the OhioISP. Our software allows outcomes, experiences, and supports to be transferred from the County Board OhioISP to the Daily Documentation platform with just a click of a button, reducing duplicate data entry and ensuring accuracy. 

  • Mobile-Friendly: Mobility offers flexibility, making it easier to document on the go. Our software solution is mobile-friendly, enabling you to record and access critical information from anywhere at any time. This flexibility ensures that an independent provider is not tethered to a desk and can provide support wherever needed. 

Security and Compliance 

Data security and compliance are top priorities for us at Brittco. Our platform ensures that your data is secure while also meeting regulatory standards. 

  • Data Encryption and User Access Controls: Security is a top priority. Our software employs robust data encryption and user access controls to safeguard sensitive information and ensure that only authorized personnel can access it. 
  • Compliance Certifications and Features: We take compliance seriously. Our software is designed with compliance in mind, ensuring that it adheres to regulatory standards. This design means you can confidently rely on our platform to meet the requirements of Ohio DODD rules. 

Reporting and Analytics 

Brittco’s software for daily documentation allows you to generate reports and analyze data, providing insights into your care program and enabling continuous improvement. 

  • Pre-Built Reports: Our software offers a range of pre-built reports compliant with Ohio DODD rule requirements.  

  • Export to Multiple Formats: All reports may be exported to PDF, Word, Excel, or CSCV formats, providing users with maximum flexibility to use and analyze the data.

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How To Get Started with Brittco’s Software 

We make it easy to get started with Brittco’s software for daily documentation. 

  • Sign-Up Process: Getting started is as simple as signing up. We offer a straightforward sign-up process that allows you to gain access to our platform quickly. 
  • Onboarding: Our onboarding process ensures that you and your team are fully prepared to make the most of our software. We provide guidance and support to make the transition as smooth as possible. 
  • User Training and Support: We understand the importance of user training. Our software design is easy to understand, and with Brittco Support, we offer short, effective training content built into sessions to help your team become proficient quickly. If you have any questions or need assistance, our Brittco support online is always available to provide the answers you need in a quick response time. 

When you choose Brittco’s software for daily documentation, you’ll experience a user-friendly, secure, and compliant solution that can help streamline your daily documentation processes. With our collaboration tools, integration capabilities, security measures, and reporting features, we have everything you need to enhance the quality of care you provide.  

Brittco’s software for daily documentation offers a comprehensive solution designed to streamline your daily documentation workflow. The benefits are clear — improved efficiency, enhanced collaboration, compliance and accountability, and powerful reporting and analytics. Our software’s features — from document creation and management to collaboration tools, integration capabilities, and robust security measures — make it a valuable asset for any provider and organization that provides care and support for individuals with developmental disabilities.  

We encourage you to take the next steps and optimize your daily documentation processes to improve care, streamline your operations, and achieve better outcomes and experiences for the individuals you support. Whether you’re interested in starting a trial or requesting a demo, Brittco supports your journey toward more efficient, effective, and person-centered care. 

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