Integration with Providers

Brittco has taken the integration of Providers and county boards to another level and has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for sharing information and eliminating double entry of data. The OhioISP, Local Funding, and Incident Reporting are all uniquely integrated between ALL Providers and the county board that is using Brittco. The easier it is for Providers to meet compliance, the better it is for the county board.


How It Works

When all Providers in your County have access to an electronic Incident Reporting system, there is no more paper. And emailing and faxing are a thing of the past. Providers have access to your Brittco via a portal that gives them the ability to enter Incidents quickly and without paper, email, or fax. The benefits are many, including improving Provider compliance and adding significant efficiencies with internal processes. And since all the incidents will be stored electronically in a database, your IAs will be able to quickly analyze trends and patterns with a variety of reports.

And of course, your own staff can easily write and submit UIs and MUIs with a simple workflow.

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