Understanding the July 1st DODD Billing Rate Changes

June 24, 2024

Written By:
Tim Balkovec


On July 1st for the second time this year, DODD is increasing rates for Homemaker/Personal Care (HPC), Shared Living, Participant-Directed Homemaker/Personal Care (PD-HPC), Adult Day Supports, Vocational Habilitation, Non-Medical Transportation, and regular HPC Transportation. This is a historic rate increase to help remove the financial burden on providers.

The historic $1.3 billion investment is reshaping the economics of the industry for the better.

Why The Change?

The historic rate increases were implemented for DSPs. Director Hauck was quoted saying “To recognize and value the work of DSPs is to recognize and value the people they support”.  DSP retaining has been an issue in the industry and was amplified by the pandemic. In 2022, there were approximately 20,000 DPS positions empty that needed to be filled with an estimate of 80,000 DSPs needed across the state. The rate increases will help pay DSPs a higher salary hoping to lead to higher retention rates of the position across the state. 

Impact on the Industry

The goal of the change is to help retain DSPs. The Dewine-Husted administration expect the higher reimbursement to lead directly to increased wages for DSPs and early signs are indicating it is working. The majority of providers are choosing to use the new funds to increase staff wages. DSP positions are getting filled faster giving the help to the individuals who need the support. The goal of the average DSP wage is to be at least $18 per hour across the state which would be a significant increase.

DODD will require annual information on the wage and compensation data of DSPs to appropriately measuredly the impact on the overall goal of the rate increases. Every provider is different so the additional funds may be used in different ways to meet their agency’s needs.

Billing Rate Changes in Brittco

We at Brittco are excited to see the positive impact higher rates will have on the industry. Brittco will have the new rates updated and ready to go on July 1st for a seamless transition in the billing process. Brittco's billing platform is easy to use to bill for your services with great data analytics and compliant reporting.


Increased funding flowing into the industry and reaching providers will undoubtedly drive enhancements across all aspects of IDD community. Financial restraints will loosen so providers now have the resources to hire more help and utilize more tools to better serve their individuals and stay in compliance with DODD.

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